PhytoCare Vermont - a full spectrum dispensary

We deliver high quality medical cannabis products that are consistent, reliable, and affordable. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff provides individualized care to every patient that walks through our doors.

We collaborate with other Vermont dispensaries to collectively build upon their strong foundation, deliver high quality products and, together, build Vermont’s reputation as a world-class center of excellence in cannabis care, education, and research.

We are pleased to be located in Southwestern Vermont, an area that has been underserved in this arena for the past four years. We are thrilled to join the Bennington community!

Product quality is important to us. We are intimately familiar with each element that goes into the growth of our plants and the creation of our PhytoCare products. All our medicinals are lab tested and produced with utmost care and attention to detail.


At PhytoCare Vermont, we take a patient-centric approach to cultivating and dispensing Cannabis. We exist for our patients. Their well-being drives our cultivation practices, our product development, and, most importantly, our team.  We strive to deliver the best care possible to every individual we see.

During your first visit to PhytoCare Vermont, our trained staff will guide you through selecting medicinals that are best suited to your unique needs.

Please remember that as required by Vermont law, all patients must schedule an appointment to visit PhytoCare Vermont. To set up an appointment, please contact us.

Now accepting patients!